De Lux Off White Hammock with Tassels

De Lux Off White Hammock with Tassels

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Easy Rest Hammocks embody stress free relaxation as it shapes comfortably to to the form of your body.  Made from 100% cotton the canvas material is incredibly durable. 

The tassels on the side add a touch of elegance and make this hammock a piece of art to add to the home. Each hammock comes with a matching pillow case. Our hammock take a considerable amount of time and detail to construct.  Each piece has been reviewed by the master craftsman to ensure it meets our high quality of standard.

Colors: Off White Hammock / Off White & Light Grey Tassels

Length of Hammock: 8 FT.

Width of Hammock:  3 FT. & 3 IN.

Pillow Case Size: L 24 IN. x W 24 IN. 

Weight Limit: 300 pounds